TransFerr-FunCoat joint workshop
University of Aveiro, Portugal
Measurement techniques for studying functional nanomaterials
July 9, 2019

9:00 -9:15 Opening Session – Welcome and general info about MSCA-RISE action and FUNCOAT project overview
Dr. Maria Serdechnova
(Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)
9:15 -9:30 TransFerr project overview 
Andrei Kholkin (CICECO & University of Aveiro, Portugal)
9:30 -10:00 Keynote talk
Near-field microwave microscopy in applications to ferroelectrics and in-situ imaging in liquid electrolytes 
Dr. Alexander Tselev
(CICECO & University of Aveiro, Portugal)
10:00-10:20 Coffee break
10:20-11:00 Keynote talk
Development and design of novel multifunctional PEO coatings
Dr. Carsten Blawert (Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)
11:00-11:30 Lecture “Measurements of local electronic and ionic transport by scanning probe microscopy” 
Dr. Denis Alikin (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
11:30-12:00 Lecture “Use of functionalized coatings for environmental protection” 
Rastko Vasilic (University of Belgrad, Serbia)
12:00-12:30 Lecture “Structural research by photons and neutrons with focus on nano-resolution of P03 beamline” 
Vasyl Haramus (Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Lecture: “Local characterization: Kelvin probe, localized  corrosion characterization, role of inhibitors“
Dr. Kiryl Yasakau (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
14:30-15:00 Lecture:“Magnetic and crystal structure phase transitions in multiferroics”
Dr. Dmitry Karpinsky (SPMRC, Minsk, Belarus)
15:00-18:00 Practical session/training AFM, PFM, etc.
19:00-21:00 Working dinner